Maintaining Membership

The connections, support, and belief in the future of change as a member keeps me coming back every year.

It's a great group of people to work and collaborate with toward the goal of ending violence.

I continue learning from my colleagues, and hope to tangibly help further the purpose of the partnership.

The only requirements for maintaining your NPEIV membership are the payment of the Annual Membership Dues and involvement in one of the five Action Teams. At any point you can change your Action Team by contacting the co-chairs of your current team and the team you're hoping to join. NPEIV Membership Dues renew at the start of every fiscal year (July 1st). As a non-profit, Membership Dues go a long way in helping the Partnership run its various programs and services - like our Think Tank! Standard Membership dues are $40.


You can pay your membership dues via our PayPal website. This is the quickest way to send in your dues.

If you use PayPal please be sure to indicate your first and last name in the optional details section if you are using a company PayPal account.

By Mail

You can mail a check or $40 cash to our office at:

10065 Old Grove Road, Suite 101

San Diego, CA  92131

Please make all checks out to the Institute on Violence, Abuse and Trauma.

On the Phone

If mail or PayPal don't work for you you can call us at (858) 527-1860 ext 4140 to pay by credit card over the phone.

If paying over the phone we will need your credit card information, including billing address. We will not save your card information.

The Family Violence and Sexual Assault Institute/The Institute on Violence, Abuse and Trauma (IVAT) serves as the fiscal and logistical agents of NPEIV and are a Non-Profit 501(C)(3) Corporation. 

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Contact Us

Email :

​Telephone : ​858-527-1860 ext. 4042