Thank You to All New Supporters

The NPEIV would like to say thank you to all new supporters of the National Plan to End Interpersonal Violence. Since the 2017 Annual Forum last September, there have been 30 new Individual Supporters and 21 new supporters on behalf of Organizations. Each of these submissions of support help to highlight the significance of the struggle against Interpersonal Violence that happens internationally across all social levels.

The National Plan is a comprehensive set of recommendations by which the NPEIV plans to help significantly reduce, if not end all forms of interpersonal violence and abuse.Through collaboration and unity, the NPEIV can provide the education and support for the entire initiative as well as assistance to single organizations to meet the goals and objectives set forth in not only the National Plan but each individual group. To this end, working together to facilitate the sharing of information, avoid duplication of efforts, and seek new means of collaboration, the NPEIV will provide the necessary steps to achieve our mutually shared objectives.

To see the most updated list of supporters, or to find out more about the National Plan, please look to our page dedicated to the National Plan. Once again we thank those new supporters and their dedication to seeing an end to Interpersonal Violence for all people, everywhere.

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