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Amy Russell is executive director of the Arthur D. Curtis Children’s Justice Center in Clark County, Washington.

Senior Co-Chair

Amy Russell

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Andy Johnson, PhD, teaches in the Department of Psychology at Bethel University.

Junior Co-Chair

Andy Johnson

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Nada Yorke, LCSW, is co-owner of Yorke Consulting, which specializes in helping organizations optimize their potential through staff and management training, leadership development and strategic planning.

Chair Elect

Nada Yorke

About Us

Action Team 2 is dedicated to using educational initiatives to end violence. This team started around developing undergraduate curriculums and has expanded into graduate curriculums as well. In addition, many other types of educational initiatives have been started. At this time, our most active subcommittee includes the Child and Adult Advocacy Studies Committee, the Alternative Training Models Committee/ACESCONNECTION, Website Committee, Religious/Spiritual Initiatives, and Spreading National Plan.

Individuals who join the team can participate at the level their schedules allow. Some individuals periodically attend the phone conference calls that happen bi-monthly and share their knowledge. Some come in person to the Violence Think Tank that occurs once a year and actively work on committee assignments between conference calls. Our Action Team is investigating the possibility of regional meetings between people within given geographical areas to meet three times a year to complete work for NPEIV focused on one selected goal each.

Current Projects

  • Promoting Child Advocacy Studies throughout the Country at Universities and Community Colleges – Veith & Berman

  • Elder Abuse Curriculum – Berman & Mitchell

  • Enhancing Mentoring Training Model for NPEIV – Yorke & Berman

  • Spreading National Plan to End Interpersonal Violence – entire team

  • Developing regional violence education conference, The First Annual Conference on Research, Education & Advocacy for Community Health held May 2014 at Indiana University of Pennsylvania, 28th Mid Atlantic Training Institute Summer Conference on Addictions, Violence & Crimes July 2018 IUP – Berman, McHugh, Vaccaro, Yorke, Witham, Williams

Future Projects

  • Religious/Spiritual Initiatives – Veith, Yorke, Johnson

  • Mini-conferences/Webinars – Johnson

  • Mentoring language to ease engagement – Yorke, Berman


Acton Team 2 meets on the 3rd Friday of every month at 8:00 am PST. You can join the meetings on Zoom using this URL:


If you would like to join Action Team 2 please send your membership form to Amy Russell:

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