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Dr. Shelly Wagers, Ph.D, is currently an Assistant Professor in the Criminology Department at The University of South Florida and is the founder of Internal Power®


Shelly Wagers

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Deborah Sendek, MS, has over thirty-five years of experience working in the field of child abuse and neglect assessment, treatment and prevention.


Deborah Sendek

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Katherine "Katie" Gotch, MA, LPC, maintains a private practice, Integrated Clinical & Correctional Services, in Portland, Oregon.

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Katherine Gotch

About Us

Public Policy & Engagement focuses on the coordination of educational efforts regarding the impact of public policy on individuals and communities; identifying specific policy needs to effectively address interpersonal violence; and developing evidence-based policy perspectives which target the reduction and elimination of interpersonal violence and abuse across the lifespan. Public policy efforts are maximized through public engagement as this process brings people together to address issues of common importance, to solve shared problems and to bring about positive social change.


Effective public engagement encourages all citizens to become involved in deliberation, dialogue, and action on public policy issues they care about and is the core component of prevention, as prevention requires the participation of all members of a community. Action Team 1 is working on the continued development of a rapid media response team addressing current events and policy issues related to all forms of interpersonal violence; engaging and learning from communities and individuals regarding policy issues impacting their lives; and furthering the goals of the National Plan. 

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Acton Team 1 will hold regular meetings. More information on when these meetings will be schedules will be coming soon. 


If you would like to join Action Team 1 please send your membership form to Shelly Wagers:

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