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Kelly Champion, PhD, is a clinical child and adolescent psychologist with additional speciality training and experience in responding to violence and trauma, eating disorders, and behavioral medicine across the lifespan. She completed her undergraduate degree at the University of Michigan and her Master's degree in Clinical Psychology at Eastern Michigan University. Her PhD is from the clinical child and adolescent psychology program at the University of Kansas. She is Board Certified by the American Board of Professional Psychology in Clinical Child and Adolescent Psychology and completed the American Psychological Association's Leadership Institute for Women in Psychology in 2012. Currently, she works as a clinical psychologist part-time for the Harvard Vanguard Medical Associates and as an independent clinical and forensic psychologist.  She is also the Director of Operations for the Northeast Regional Training Center of the American Psychological Association's Violence Prevention Program: Adults and Children Together - Raising Safe Kids Parent Workshop. She serves as member-at-large for the Massachusetts Psychological Association and works with national organizations to reduce the impact of violence on children through advocacy, prevention, education, and clinical intervention. She has published research in peer-reviewed journals on school bullying, child psychopathology, professional training, child maltreatment, and parenting and, she has presented at international, national, and local conferences. Prior to her current roles, she taught and supervised students at Gustavus Adolphus College in St. Peter, Minnesota and, later, at Arizona State University, at the west campus.

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Kelly Champion

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​Kevin J. Connors, MS, is a licensed Marriage & Family Therapist in private practice in Long Beach, California and a frequent national and international presenter on complex trauma and dissociative disorders. He is co-author of Treating Complex Trauma and Dissociation: A practical guide to navigating therapeutic challenges.

Kevin is a Fellow of the International Society for the Study of Trauma and Dissociation (ISSTD) and currently the Chair of their Conference Committee. He also serves as Chair of the Institute on Violence, Abuse, & Trauma’s International Summit Planning Committee’s Adult Survivors of Childhood Maltreatment Track and is Board Member of the National Partnership to End Interpersonal Violence. Kevin is currently exploring the role of shame and powerlessness in clients with complex trauma and dissociative disorders as well as in investigating the prevalence of dissociation among both victims and perpetrators of intimate partner violence.


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Kevin Connors

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Megan Garza, MA, LMFT, is a licensed Marriage and Family Therapist and Certified Specialty Trauma Care Supervisor with experience working in the mental health/violence against women field since 1999. She is a graduate of Pepperdine University with a Master’s degree in Clinical Psychology and Marriage and Family Therapy and University of Missouri St. Louis with a 2nd Master’s degree in Psychology as well as additional doctoral level training.  She works as an individual and group therapist treating sexual trauma survivors at the YWCA Women’s Resource Center/St. Louis Regional Sexual Assault Center.  Megan also works for Behavioral Health Response as a Mobile Outreach Crisis Counselor performing suicide and homicide crisis assessments, providing stabilization support in the community, and facilitating inpatient psychiatric hospitalization admission, when necessary. She is a Board Approved Clinical Supervisor for the American Association of Marriage and Family Therapist’s (AAMFT) and she provides trauma related consultations to other professionals.  She is an active member of the St. Louis chapter of the American Association of Marriage and Family Therapists.  Megan has spoken at National conferences on sexual trauma and PTSD and has published research in the area of sexual trauma, weight, and sexual behaviors.  Her specialty areas include: sexual trauma, PTSD, women’s issues, crisis intervention, and children & adolescents. Megan is a long time mentor with Big Brothers Big Sisters and volunteer with the Humane Society of Missouri. She plays an active role in grassroots social justice movements.

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Megan Garza

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Robert Geffner, PhD, ABPP, ABN, is Founding President of the Family Violence and Sexual Assault Institute; Founding President of the Institute on Violence, Abuse and Trauma (IVAT); Clinical Research Professor of Psychology at the California School of Professional Psychology, Alliant, San Diego; licensed psychologist and licensed marriage and family therapist in CA and TX. He is Editor of four internationally disseminated journals and former clinical director of a large private practice mental health clinic in East Texas for over 15 years. He has a Diplomate in Clinical Neuropsychology and in Family Psychology. Dr. Geffner is a Past President of the Trauma Psychology Division of the American Psychological Association, and is currently Co-Chair of the National Partnership to End Interpersonal Violence Across the Lifespan. He has been a researcher, trainer, practitioner, and consultant for more than 30 years.

Founding President, Board Member

Robert Geffner

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​Khiya J. Marshall, PhD, MPH, is a Behavioral Scientist in the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, National Center for Injury Prevention and Control, Division of Violence Prevention. Dr. Marshall has a background working on evidence-based youth violence prevention programs as well as identifying evidence-based HIV and AIDS behavioral and medication adherence interventions. Dr. Marshall has published numerous articles that examine risk and protective factors associated with sexual-risk behaviors among African American youth and HIV prevention among African American women, African American heterosexual men, and HIV-positive men who have sex with men (MSM) in the United States.

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Khiya Marshall

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​L.C. Miccio-Fonseca, PhD, is a licensed clinical psychologist, and a leading expert in the field of child sexual abuse working with sexually abusive individuals.  Dr. Miccio-Fonseca created the new validated and cross-validated unique innovative risk assessment tool, MEGA or Multiplex Empirically Guided Inventory of Ecological Aggregates for Assessing Sexually Abusive Children and Adolescents (Ages 4- 19) which is the largest study on risk assessment tools and youth in the field to date

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L.C. Miccio-Fonseca

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Bettye Mitchell

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​Dr. Samia Noursi, PhD, is a Program Official at the Services Branch in the Division of Epidemiology, Services and Prevention Research at the National Institute on Drug Abuse (NIDA).  At NIDA, Dr. Noursi manages a portfolio of grants that focuses on treatment services for women including drug treatment court, women and HIV and tobacco use among pregnant women.  Dr. Noursi received her Ph.D. in Applied Developmental Psychology from the University of Maryland in 1995. Upon graduation, she was awarded a Post-Doctoral fellowship at NICHD during which she led a longitudinal study on the effects of domestic violence on children’s development.  She then moved to work on several projects focused on children’s development among them directing research for the National Child Welfare Resource Center on Legal and Judicial Issues at the American Bar Association Center on Children and the Law.  In 2006, Dr. Noursi joined NIDA as a Health Scientist Administrator and the Women and Sex/Gender Differences Research Deputy Coordinator where she assists the NIDA’s Women and Sex/Gender Differences Research Coordinator in providing leadership for NIDA’s Women and Sex/Gender Differences Research Program.  In addition, she served as Program Officer with a portfolio that focused on sex/gender differences in the antecedents and consequences of drug abuse, and the study of vulnerability to drug abuse and the behavioral effects of prenatal exposure to drugs.  In 2015, She joined the Services Branch of NIDA.  Dr. Noursi has presented numerous papers at national professional conferences and authored a number of articles in both peer-reviewed journals and books. She recently served as the guest editor of the Journal on Women’s Health, 2015; 24(1). Intimate Partner Violence, Consequences on Women's Health, and Promising Interventions.

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Samia Noursi


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Tom O'Connell

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​Pamela Pine, PhD, MPH, is the Founder of Stop the Silence: Stop Child Sexual Abuse, Inc. (Stop the Silence). The Mission of the organization is to stop child sexual abuse and help survivors heal worldwide. Stop the Silence focuses on Awareness, Prevention, and Healing regarding child sexual abuse (CSA) through a host of creative and impactful programming. Dr. Pine has been designing, managing, implementing, and providing technical assistance to a wide range of local, national, and international health programming (e.g., training; community outreach and education; community mobilization; media outreach, advocacy; social marketing; policy development) focused on enhancing the lives of the poor and otherwise underserved groups for over 25 years. She has worked on various health endeavors (e.g., reproductive health, HIV/AIDS, leprosy, immunization, nutrition, maternal/child health) throughout the world (e.g., Albania, Egypt, Haiti, India, Philippines, Turkey, United States, Yemen, Zambia, Zaire). Dr. Pine continues, too, to provide assistance to national and international health and development programs and projects and holds adjunct appointments with universities in the U.S. She is on the Executive Committee for the International Conference on Violence Abuse and Trauma (IVAT) as well as other national and international programs. She speaks Arabic and French.

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Pamela Pine

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​Lucinda Rasmussen, PhD, LCSW, is an Associate Professor at the School of Social Work at San Diego State University, where she has taught social work practice classes for the past 18 years.  She has over 30 years of clinical and research experience in the field of child sexual abuse, with specific expertise in intervening with young people who problematic and/or sexually abusive behaviors. Dr. Rasmussen's research focuses on risk assessment of sexually abusive youth and effects of trauma, including sexual abuse and domestic violence. She developed the Trauma Outcome Process Assessment (TOPA) model, a practice model for assessing and treating traumatized children, youth and adults and has published several peer reviewed articles on the model in the Journal of Child Sexual Abuse, Journal of Child and Adolescent Trauma, and Israeli Journal of Psychiatry.  She has co-authored with L.C. Miccio-Fonseca, Ph.D., author of the MEGA♪, a risk assessment tool for sexually abusive youth, peer reviewed articles on applying the MEGA♪ to specific populations of sexually abusive youth: youth with low intellectual functioning and very high risk, dangerous youth (i.e., sexually violent and sexually violent predatory youth. Dr Rasmussen is Senior Research Consultant on the MEGA♪ International Project and has assisted in MEGA♪ specialized training in London, Liverpool, and Manchester, England, Glasgow, Scotland, and Dublin, Ireland. She completed the first longitudinal predictive validity and treatment outcome study (6 years) the two most contemporary risk assessment tools for sexually abusive youth MEGA♪ and the JSORRAT-II.

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Lucinda Rasmussen

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Heather J. Risser, PhD, is an Assistant Professor and Associate Director of the Mental Health and Social Policy Program in the Department of Psychiatry and Behavioral Sciences at Northwestern University Feinberg School of Medicine. Although Dr. Risser will be starting at Northwestern University in May, 2016 she will continue as the Assistant Director of the University of Illinois at Chicago’s Interdisciplinary Center for Research on Violence. She received her PhD. In Clinical Psychology  and a Masters degree in Marriage and Family Therapy. Dr. Risser’s research focuses on parent risk factors of child physical abuse, child physical abuse prevention, and the effectiveness of mental health services for children and families. Dr. Risser also works to increase access to mental health and parenting services through primary care.

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Heather Risser

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​Joyce N. Thomas, RN, MPH, PNP, FAAN, is a national and international pioneer in child welfare, victimization of children, and domestic violence.  She is the President/CEO and co-founder of the Center for Child Protection and Family Support, Washington, DC, and Director of Children and Family Institute, Silver Spring, Maryland, providing leadership for quality services to children and families. She is also on the Board of the National Partnership to End Interpersonal Violence Across the Lifespan (NPEIV). 

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Joyce Thomas

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Glenna Tinney, MSW, ACSW, DCSW, Captain, U.S. Navy (Ret.), is the Senior Advisor for the Military Advocacy Programs for the Battered Women's Justice Project.  She provides subject matter expertise for a special project to develop a model coordinated community response to intimate partner violence where there are also co-occurring combat-related conditions such as post-traumatic stress disorder.  Ms. Tinney created and assists with maintaining a network of subject matter experts to serve as resources for victim advocates serving military-related victims of intimate partner violence and sexual assault.  She also monitors legal, military, veteran, and public policy developments nationwide that affect civil/criminal justice responses to intimate partner violence and sexual assault.  Ms. Tinney is a retired Navy Captain social worker.  She served as the Deputy Executive Director for the Congressionally-mandated Defense Task Force on Domestic Violence from 2000-2003.  In recognition of her work, Ms. Tinney was selected by the White House as a Woman Veteran Champion of Change in march, 2013.

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Glenna Tinney

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Victor Vieth

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​Jacquelyn White, PhD, is an Emerita Professor of Psychology at the University of North Carolina at Greensboro. Her research focuses on gender issues, aggression, and intimate partner violence. Recent publications reflect an ecological developmental perspective to aggression and violence. She has conducted one of the few longitudinal studies of sexual and physical dating violence among adolescents and college students and has been a consultant on a project with the U.S. Navy. She is a founding Co-Chair of the NPEIV and an active board member to date.

Co-Founder, Board Member

Jacquelyn White

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Oliver Williams

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